Your Dream Fall Wardrobe (On the Cheap)

blk strpless dress 071509 jpg
It’s about 1,000 degrees out and the thought of putting on a coat is borderline terrifying, but today many retailers start rolling out next fall’s designer clothes. (Because what’s more fun than trying on cashmere sweaters when you’re drenched in sweat?) Preemptive though the timetable seems, we’ve got to admit that there are some gorgeous pieces to salivate over, consider blowing our rent on and then ultimately, back away from, slowly and sadly.

But when you do as much web browsing as we do, the cheapie versions of next season’s designer collections start jumping out at you, winking lasciviously and promising to look almost as good as the real thing. Like the Forever 21 cocktail dress above (right), which shares some of the Yves Saint Laurent dress’s tailoring influences. No, it’s not made of leather like the YSL, and you won’t cry tears of joy when it comes in the mail. But it will look bitchin’ with some bangles, ridiculous heels and a cropped motorcycle jacket and you’ll have enough money left over to, well, not be homeless. [$28, Forever 21] vs. [$2,460, YSL, Net-A-Porter]

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