10 Reasons Why Being Brunette Is Awesome

The editors of Harper’s Bazaar had an interesting idea for their August issue—get Lauren Conrad to sport a brunette wig for 24 hours. Not sure what the point of this was exactly—did they intend it as a prank or some lame-o social experiment? In the end, the California girl totally wasn’t feeling her brown hair, even though I think it looked kind of fantastic. “Day to day, I can only do blonde. Everything else makes me look sort of plain-Jane,” she told People.

Wait, being brunette makes you a plain Jane? God, I am so over this whole blondes-have-more-fun thing. Here are ten reasons why I’m a happy card-carrying member of the brunette club…

  1. Roots are not an issue.
  2. A study by Garnier done earlier this year revealed that brunettes are twice as likely as their blonde counterparts to earn more than $65K a year. [Mom Logic]
  3. You look great in jewel tones like bright blue, green, and red. Pastels have never been my thing.
  4. We get to claim cool-girl beauty icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn, Thandie Newton, Mary Louise Parker, and Zooey Deschanel.
  5. Speaking of, most of the world’s most famous blondes—Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Pamela Anderson, and, uh, Lauren Conrad—would be brunette without hair dye.
  6. Two words: serious shine! Also, brunettes tend to have fuller, thicker hair. Yes, I just sounded like a shampoo commercial.
  7. People tend to take you more seriously, because of the old (though admittedly totally untrue) blondes are dumb, brunettes are smarties stereotype.
  8. James Bond prefers brunettes. [Telegraph]
  9. Seventy one percent of guys say brunettes would make better wives. Not that I think this is true, but it’s an interesting perception. [Softpedia]
  10. We save a ton of money and time not going to the salon for highlights and bleaching. So technically, we do end up having more fun.