Rent-A-Boyfriend Agency

“In a world of lonely women…” lonely, rich women, a new elite group of male escorts are cashing in. Real life gigolos between the fine wine ages of 30 to 45, are pimping out their charms a la HBO’s “Hung.” But as you’ll see in this promotional video, these boys are not run by some hapless poetess pimp. The bi-coastal Papau Agency will loan you one of their professional metrosexual men by the hour. It’s convenient for the gal on the go, but don’t think you’re going to get the goods. There is a no-sex policy. Bummer! What you do get from the 3-year-old agency is a “companion.” In other words, Rico Suave will gladly flex his muscles in front of your ex. For $150-$300 an hour, that’s still priceless. [Bound, Not Gagged]