Palestine Kids Show Teaches About Suicide Bombing

Usually, children’s television shows teach kids to treat others nicely—to share toys and be good sports. Generally, they don’t glorify suicide bombing and promote “violent resistance” against Israel. But alas, a horrifying episode of the Palestinian Hamas-run children’s show “Young Pioneers” basically encourages children to become young martyrs. In the episode, two young girls—the daughters of suicide bomber Reem Riyashi—sit with other kids in a colorful room as they are shown a reenactment of their mother’s suicide bombing, in which she killed herself and four Israelis. Hello? Kids should never be shown something so incredibly violent. Not to mention that, afterwards, an announcer called for them to follow “the doctrine of the martyr Reem Riyashi.”
This episode, which originally aired two years ago and was just rebroadcast, is part of a dangerous trend. According to a study done by a Palestinian doctor, pro-violence programming increasingly alters children’s perceptions of life and death. The study showed that many kids want to grow up to be suicide bombers. The program also featured a Mickey Mouse character two years ago, showing how to use AK-47s and grenades against Israelis. This extreme brainwashing needs to stop fast before more kids start growing up to kill themselves and others. [CNN]