Marilyn Monroe’s Curves Got A Boost With Early Wonderbra Prototype

Marilyn Monroe’s old underwear is going up for auction this weekend and her bra alone is expected to fetch up to £2,000 (about $3,285). And you thought your bras were expensive! This is no ordinary bra though, of course. In addition to being worn by one of the most famous and arguably sexiest women of all time, it is considered to be a sort of early “Wonderbra” with all sorts of special pockets, cups, straps and ribbons that helped give the illusion that Marilyn was even bustier than she really was. Auctioneer Richard Davie said: “The bra looks very complicated at first glance and it actually has four cups inside it – sort of like an early Wonderbra. There’s an inner cup which it almost hidden, which would support her chest as normal. But then there’s an another larger cup about an inch further out, to give the impression she had a bigger chest.” Marilyn was reportedly a 36D, which brings up a topic that’s been on my mind lately. Why on earth do women who are already so big want extra padding? I’m a D-cup in most bras and I tried a few on yesterday in the strapless variety to wear on my wedding day next week and almost every single bra in my size had, like, 2 inches of padding. I’d topple over if my boobs were any bigger than they already are! I don’t know, I’d say the Wonderbra isn’t all that wonderful if you’ve already got handful. But then again, I’m no Marilyn Monroe, so what do I know? [via Daily Mail]