Gallery: Asymmetrical Gone Asinine

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Lately, the fashion industry has been on asymmetrical overload! Now, don’t get me wrong, this look can be uber-flattering and add interest to an otherwise boring dress or top (who didn’t love Kate Winslet or Frieda Pinto at the Oscars?). But, folks, there does come a time when asymmetry can go wrong. And that time is now. Check out these, well, interesting pants from French designer Eric Tibusch. Are they Pant-kinis, Trouser-tards? They sort of remind me of those half-man, half-lady circus acts—turn one way, you’re Lady Gaga, flip to the opposite side and, oh look, there’s Kate Moss in skinny jeans! (Also, this is totally unrelated, but the pointy blood-red nails? Do not screw with this woman, she will cut a bitch!) And these aren’t the only OTT-asymmetrical specimens out there, get a load of…
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