The Inspiration Board: Bruno

Okay so not everyone loves Bruno (or even likes him), but you have to give him props both for his insane newfound mainstream popularity and willingness to make ridiculously bold fashion choices. He’s inspired us to live in a world of spandex, fur, sequins, and hot pants … all at once. Despite steadfastly refusing to take the subtle route, the beauty of Bruno is that he demonstrates that when it comes to taking style risks, confidence is everything.

  1. Matt Sequin Hotpant , $50, Top Shop
  2. Nylon Tricot Zebra Print Zipper-Front Bodysuit, $47, American Apparel
  3. Odette Cage Bootie, $28.80, Forever 21
  4. Hooded Faux Fur Swing Coat, $250, Juicy Couture, Shop Bop
  5. Style Warrior Lipstick, $14, MAC
  6. Hot Mess Flask, $18, Urban Outfitters