Prom For 7-Year-Olds In England?

Those silly Brits love blaming things on Americans. And right now they’re wagging fingers about a particularly American tradition: prom. As a result of the “High School Musical” franchise, prom is sweeping across Britain. And it’s making its way to kids as young as seven. These elementary school kids are buying gowns and renting tuxes, and they’re showing up for the big fiesta in stretch limos, completely outdoing American school dances, which usually don’t start until middle school. Across the sea, parents are spending hundreds of dollars to outfit their kiddies for proms, which they’ll barely remember by the time they make it to their real high school prom. Yet according to one mother, prom “made leaving their infant school very special to them.”

I gotta say—I don’t think this one can be blamed on us. The Brits totally blew this one out of proportion all on their own. Seriously, don’t they know that movies are movies for a reason? [Daily Mail]