The Next Generation Of Tell-All Books

Note to all the overbearing bosses out there: don’t piss off your assistants, or else they’ll write a thinly-veiled, scathing tell-all book about you and call it fiction. Years ago, we learned all about impossible-to-please Vogue powerhouse Anna Wintour after reading The Devil Wears Prada. Soon, we’ll know what it’s like to work for an overly-tan, washed-up celebrity publicist—Lizzie Grubman. Remember her? She ran over a group of people in her SUV and didn’t even try to brake? Well, anything that’s left of Lizzie’s credibility is about to be demolished by her former assistant, Robert Rave. Rave’s novel, Spin, documents the trials and tribulations of a young assistant working for a cocaine-snorting PR bitch who (shocker!) resembles Grubman. It comes out next month, and just because he’s calling it fiction doesn’t mean it won’t be filled with real-life experiences of Robert getting verbally abused. [Gawker]

Oh, but Robert is not the only insider letting the juicy details fly. Here is the next wave of celebrity tell-alls in the works.

  • Holy hotcakes! A proposed tell-all about Senator John Edwards may have to be sold under the romance novel category—and by that, I mean it’ll be sleazy, smutty, and awesome. Andrew Young, a former aide to Edwards, is shopping around a very revealing book, detailing the Senator’s affair with Rielle Hunter. Young admits to taking the fall for the Senator and his mistress’ love child, but the big shocker is Young’s discovery of a senatorial sex tape. [NY Daily News]
  • Levi Johnston knows how to stay in the spotlight. His proposed tell-all about the Palins will be media gold if he finds a publisher. Something tells me it won’t take him long. Levi’s bodyguard told NY Mag, “There are many untold stories about the Palins.” I don’t think Levi will have a problem sharing the juicy bits. [NY Post]
  • We all knew this one was coming—Unmasked is an insider’s look into Michael Jackson’s final years. Author Ian Halperin documents the details of MJ’s deteriorating health, but how it was greed that finally took down the “King of Pop.” It comes out this month. [Barnes and Noble]
  • While most celebs get their dirt published by others, some prefer to do it themselves. Kate Moss is busying documenting all of her highest and lowest moments in a “no-holds barred memoir.” No release date has been set for Moss’ tell-all yet, but we still can’t wait. [Marie Claire]
  • Some may call it a biography, but that’s just an excuse for bodyguard Mickey Brett to get away with divulging info about former clients Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Once Brangelina got word of Mickey’s intentions, they sent their best lawyer after Mickey to stop the presses on what is supposed to be quite a page-turner. Hopefully Mickey can find a loophole. [NY Daily News]

Which book will you pick up first?