Amy Winehouse Is Single And Looking Good!

Amy Winehouse isn’t looking too shabby. Could she actually be on the road to recovery? Two days ago, she finally left St. Lucia after an 8-month long vacation. When she stepped foot back in the U.K., she started crying. It’s not clear if they were tears of joy or misery, but either way, they were coming out of a much healthier looking face. Also, she’s settling her divorce with soon to be ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil!A judge has granted the couple a “decree nisi.” It isn’t absolute, but in six weeks if nothing goes awry, then on August 28th the couple will be granted a “decree absolute” and their divorce will be finalized. In the meantime, she’ll be going on lots of business meetings and starting work on her next album.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but could this actually be the start to Winehouse’s comeback? Cause I swear my music-loving heart will have an extra-skip in its beat if I get to see Winehouse’s hive in a cleansed full-flourish again.

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