Wedding Disasters Of Varying Degrees

Today’s lesson in doing things the old fashioned way comes from Tuscany, where a couple getting married in a park hired a small aircraft to fly over and toss the bouquet to a hopeful line of women. As you can imagine, it was an epic failure. A passenger on the craft—not the bride—threw the bouquet, and instead of it floating down to the wedding guests, it got caught in the plane’s rotor, which caused an engine fire and explosion. This not only horrified the wedding guests, but the craft continued to do harm by crashing into the woods next to a hostel hosting 50 children. But for all their stupidity, the couple can give thanks—both the pilot and passenger escaped unharmed. After the jump, a couple of videos to show that these wedding mishaps never fail to shock or amuse. [Daily Mail]

Note to bride: find a ringbearer with better balance.

And make sure all glass doors are open!

Eek. This one is sad.