A Third Bridget Jones Movie Is In The Works!

Bridget Jones is having a baby?! The British 40-something “singleton” will be back in a third film, this time focusing on her quest to become a mama. Based on author Helen Fielding’s newspaper columns instead of a book, Renee Zellweger will once again pork up her teensy frame to play the full-figured female cluelessly sabotaging her relationship with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and fighting her lingering attraction to ex-boss/lover Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). No writer or director has been chosen yet to tell what should be a ridiculous adventure on the baby trail. So here are our predictions for Bridget’s third entry about life with “workaholics, alcoholics, commitment phobics, perverts and fu**wits” … and maybe a baby. [Variety]

  • Bridget will end things with Mark Darcy after having affair number two with Daniel. She’ll end up alone, singing Chaka Khan in her apartment. Again.
  • Determined to break her pattern, Bridget will actually start dating someone else. A few someone elses, actually.
  • Nervous that she’ll never settle down, she visits a sperm bank, where she thumbs through huge booklets trying to pick the perfect specimen. Also, she makes fun of the receptionist’s nasal voice.
  • Finally, Bridget will realize she’s pregnant. Hopefully, the next nine months will be done in a montage, since minus the smoking and drinking Bridget is actually kind of dull.
  • Bridget will finally pop out a little girl, who she will name Perpetua after her old office mate.
  • Unable to figure out who is the father of her child, Bridget learns via paternity test that the father is neither Mark, Daniel, or any of the sperm donors. Nope, it’s her former boss at “Sit Up Britain” where “no one gets fired for shagging the boss.”
  • Hilarity ensues as Bridget tries to figure out how to change a diaper. Her mother will move in to help out, keeping mother and daughter on a constant diet of “turkey curry” and gherkins.
  • Mark Darcy will finally return, sporting the reindeer sweater he wore to Bridget’s mother’s New Year’s party, and give a flat, British speech that convinces Bridget to come back to him so they can be one big happy family. The end.

What do you think—will Bridget’s baby twist make for an entertaining third installment?