Sarah Palin Slapped With 18th Ethics Complaint

Even Joe the Plumber can’t help her now! Sarah Palin has been slapped with her eighteenth ethics complaint. This one says Sarah didn’t turn over her duties as governor while she was running for VP, which she is supposed to do according to the state constitution. She also continued to accept a salary and even used her state staff to campaign outside Alaska. [Huffington Post]

Check out some of the other interesting ethics complaints Sarah has faced, after the jump.

  • A blogger tried to make a claim against Sarah for wearing an Arctic Cat logo on her jacket during a snowmobile race. Supposedly, that logo represented a conflict of interest. That one got dismissed. [CNN] — Props for creativity, though.
  • Sarah wasn’t as lucky when peeps claimed she took a bunch of trips on the state’s dime, claiming they were related to business. She ended up having to pay back over $8,100. [ADN]
  • The Washington-based Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics said Palin’s super expensive wardrobe, which cost more than $150,000, violated the Federal Election Campaign Act. But the Gov and all her fancy shmancy garb were left alone when the complaint was dismissed. [AOL]
  • Sarah was found guilty again in the infamous “Troopergate” scandal when she tried to fire a state trooper who just happened to be her brother-in-law.. [Wall Street Journal] — Well will ya look at that! *wink*

Do you think Palin is getting the short end of the stick, or are these complaints warranted?