Gallery: Celebrity Rebounds…Analyzed!

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Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of Jon Gosselin and his new lady friend, Hailey Glassman. The 22-year-old looks vaguely like Kate without the porcupine hair, but friends describe her as a “party animal,” the kind that dances on bars and parties down with strippers. Oh, and she was arrested for smoking pot in 2005. In other words, she’s the anti-Kate. [People]

So what does this say about Jon? It looks like he’s trying to reclaim some of the party years he lost while raising all the family’s kidlets. But don’t give him too much credit—Jon is not a badass, and neither is this new woman. It was pot people! The only difference between her and a huge tract of the population is that she got caught. Jon may have put on an Ed Hardy shirt to match his new GF, but he’s still a khaki guy at heart.

Rebounds say a lot about a person. So we decided to look at other celebs who’ve hooked up right after the break up.

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