Calling Sarah Palin A “Narcissist” Isn’t The Most Original Insult In The Book

Between her double-digit ethics complaints, her unpredictable behavior, and actually, her behavior in general, we’re not the biggest Sarah Palin fans around. But this week’s New York magazine really made us think about how gleeful we’d felt when we read in Vanity Fair that some people believe her to be a clinical narcissist. Several members of the McCain campaign, independent of each other, told a reporter they had researched the clinical definition for “narcissistic personality disorder” after clocking in some hours with Mrs. P. Ah-ha!, we thought. That explains everything.Emily Nussbaum wrote a great piece New York pointing out how throughout time, people have found various clinical diagnoses to label difficult women. Calling Palin a narcissist, to her, seems like just another way “to diagnose people we don’t like”:

“There was borderline-personality disorder in the nineties, applicable to all crazy ex-girlfriends; repression in the seventies, good for anyone who wouldn’t sleep with you; not to mention frigidity in the fifties, the handy label for all women unhappy with marriage or babies. These are moral judgments cloaked in a white lab coat.”

How’s that for a good point? Armchair-diagnosing Sarah Palin a narcissist may or may not be accurate, but it certainly is a fashionable way to insult a feisty broad. [New York]