Woman Performs Plastic Surgery On Herself

Yikes! A 54-year-old Californian mother of three booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon to have some work done. But when she found out how many Benjamins she’d have to lay down, she did what every thrifty American would do. (NOT!) She went online, bought a $10 vial of liquid silicone, and injected it into her own lips and cheeks. She is — shocker! — not so pleased with her new face. “I thought I was going to be happy with the results,” she said. “Then the next day, my face became very inflamed, very red, swollen.” She had to get surgery to fix her pizza face, but since docs can’t just unsuck the silicone (there are many varieties and they don’t know which one she used), the surgeon actually had to cut it out. The woman now believes she should have been satisfied with her natural beauty…and so should you!

As you already know, the economic mess has led to a decline in plastic surgery, but surgeons say that they have seen a huge rise in this type of activity. Looks like they won’t go out of business anytime soon, with botched at-home-jobs to fix. Seriously, pleeease don’t try to DIY your cosmetic surgery!

Can’t we use this dip in surgeries to encourage women to age gracefully? I know this is pretty morbid, but what freaks me out about plastic surgery is that when all these people are dead and decaying, their plastic bits are gonna stick around. Like a skeleton with plastic boobs. [Also, not very environmentally friendly! — Editor] [Fox]