Say It Ain’t So: Jon Gosselin To Produce A Line Of Kid’s Clothes?

Jon Gosselin decided that after all that family time he spent at the Reading, PA, compound, it was time to get the hell out of dodge and see the world a little bit. So, what did ol’ Jonny do? He called up his new buddy, Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier, and got himself an invitation to hang on his yacht in Saint Tropez. He also decided to walk around France hand-in-hand with his new girlfriend just two weeks after Kate filed for divorce. And if that’s not enough JG news, his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, is the daughter (she’s 22 years old) of Kate’s plastic surgeon. What a classy guy! Check out the couples posing for photos, at left, Hailey is in the button down and jeans. But wait! Apparently, the trip wasn’t all play… The NY Post is reporting Jon and Audigier are potentially going to produce a line of Ed Hardy children’s clothes. Yeah, because that’s exactly the type of guy I want thinking up t-shirts for my kid (if I had one, that is)—where will he draw his inspiration from? His trips to Pennsylvania’s many shady motel bars? Or maybe he’ll brainstorm ideas while playing paparazzi target outside his Reading house or Trump New York City apartment? [I’m less concerned about Jon’s involvement and more about the fact that babies should be exempt from wearing tacky Ed Hardy clothes. It’s really not fair to them. — Editor] [NY Post]