Quickies!: Karolina Kurkova And Two Model Friends Are Pregnant

  • Karolina Kurkova is reportedly pregnant with fiancé, and film producer, Archie Drury baby. [People] – Seems like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima’s children and her own children-to-be will be play-dating together. The model friends are all due around the beginning of next year.
  • According to this handy little tool, our Twitter is 60% hetero! How straight is your Twitter? [Stockholm Pride via Buzzfeed]
  • Russell Brand is set to host the MTV Video Music Awards, again! [Just Jared] – While he’s usually hilarious, I remember last year’s ceremony being a bit awkward. Maybe he’s back again to redeem himself?

  • Emma Watson said the popularity of celebrity clothing line is madness. [Shine] – Although, judging by her style, if Watson did come out with a line, it would probably be pretty awesome.
  • A woman who attempted to smuggle $135,000-worth of drugs was lugging her cocaine-filled golf gear around when she was asked about her “handicap.” She was confused about what that meant, which led the suspicious cops to inspect her bag and find the drugs. [Dumb As A Blog] — Oops! Guess you should learn all the golf terms before you smuggle drugs around in golf gear.
  • Not only are celebs helping out with the trend of “going green,” now brothels are too. One in Berlin has started a new deal: ride a bike instead of a car to “Maison d’envie,” and you get a $7 discount. [TrèsSugar]