Can Pregnancy Become An Addiction?

It turns out some women are having babies for the wrong reasons. I won’t mention any names (cough, Nadya, cough), but according to Women’s Health, the social, psychological, and hormonal benefits of getting preggers are making some women wanna pop ‘em out like there’s no tomorrow. When a woman is rockin’ a baby bump, she gets mucho attention from her friends, family, hubby, and even strangers—which makes gals feel less lonely and is heaven for those attention-starved chicks.Pregnancy also gives women feelings of security and attachment. Some are craving more love and think having a baby is the best way to get it. Then, of course, there is the age-old trick of getting preggers to tie your significant other down. Women should realize by now, this doesn’t work.

Other mommies-to-be have a baby when they don’t know what else to do. Women who have a crappy career or a dead-end life feel that having a baby will make things better. Pregnancy may not make life truly better, but it does make things feel better. Women who have a bun in the oven often get rushes of oxytocin, which is responsible for sexual arousal, and dopamine, which helps with motivation and pleasure. [Women’s Health]

So what do you think? Can someone be addicted to getting pregnant?