Katherine Heigl Perpetuates The Fairy-Tale Endings With Every Rom-Com

Katherine Heigl graces InStyle’s August cover, and in the issue, she talks about husband Josh Kelley and relationships in general. Of her upcoming film “The Ugly Truth,” Katherine said she she’s happy it’s rated R and didn’t want to do another PG-13 movie.

[In any real-life contentious relationship with romantic underpinnings] you’re probably going to drop the F-bomb once in a while. You’re probably going to say some things that are kind of harsh. And you’re definitely going to talk about sex. It doesn’t have to be so Snow White and Prince Charming.”

Katherine, we’re confused. Real life relationships do include swearing and sex, you’re right. But they don’t always have happy endings, either. And aren’t you perpetuating fairy tale myths like Snow White by appearing in rom-com after rom-com? Because we’re pretty sure there was a happy ending in “27 Dresses” and that there will be in “The Ugly Truth,” too.