“Jane Roe” Arrested Outside Sotomayor’s Supreme Court Hearing

Norma McCorvey, the woman who served as the plaintiff in the Roe vs. Wade decision which effectively legalized abortion across America, was arrested today with anti-abortion protesters outside of Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Capitol Police told That Washington Post that McCorvey and her pro-life cohorts made it into the chambers of the confirmation hearing and started yelling during Sen. Al Franken’s opening remarks. As a divorced 21-year-old mother with an unwanted pregnancy, McCorvey sought an abortion in Texas at the same time lawyer Sarah Weddington was looking for a pregnant woman to represent so she could challenge the state’s laws against abortion. McCorvey, who was protected by the pseudonym “Jane Roe” in the lawsuit, ended up carrying her pregnancy to term and giving the baby up for adoption. But Weddington’s lawsuit went all the way to the Supreme Court and eventually became the “Roe vs. Wade” decision. In 1995, McCorvey wrote publicly about her true identity when she published the memoir, I Am Roe: My Life, Roe vs. Wade, And Freedom Of Choice.

But McCorvey, who is now 61, turned sharply against abortion later in her life and has become a public face of the anti-choice movement. In 2007, she appeared in the documentary “I Was Wrong,” and she speaks passionately against freedom of choice and regrets that she inadvertently became the impetus for the abortion movement. [The Washington Post]