Homemade Beauty Secrets

Ugh, I always manage to be “that girl” at the party, whether I’m drinking or someone else is drinking somehow wine spills onto my clothes. Thanks to my mom though I know that if I grab some salt from the kitchen I can scrub it out before the stain sets. After talking to a few of my other mom’s friends and neighbors I’ve rounded up some homemade beauty secrets that have been passed down from moms to daughter over the years.

“Take the waistline of a pant and wrap it around your neck at a store so you can see if they’ll fit you before you try them on. If theyre loose on your neck, they’ll be loose on your hips”

“If you throw in some salt with your detergent, the colors won’t bleed in the wash”

“Use Vitamin E capsules on burns. They work better from capsules because those packs are always fresh but if you get vials of it, the minute its open it loses its amazing healing powers when it oxidizes. Most people don’t know that. I read about Vitamin E.”

“If you mess up your mascara, don’t wipe it off, it will smear EVERYWHERE. Wait until it is dry and it will roll right off.”

“If you forget face wash, use crisco to take off your makeup”

“All I know is that my mom used to tell me that if I was selfish I would turn ugly, like those witches in Disney movies…”

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