Cheapskate: 10 Under $10 At Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is having a mega sale online right now and there’s tons of cool and cute stuff under $10. We know the economy is in the crapper right now, but occasionally a gal deserves a treat. For the more OCD among us, get crackin’ on your Christmas shopping a lil’ early. I’m sure tie dye leggings and breakfast floss will be the IN stocking stuffers of 2009. Ten under $10, after the jump…

1. Hoop Earrings [$9.99, Love Lila]

2. Ribbon Trim Bra [$7.99, Kimchi Blue]

3. Scoop Back Cami [$9.99, Silence & Noise]

4. Satin Ruffle Necklace [$9.99, Super Candy]

5. Tie Dye Leggings [$9.99, Costume Department]

6. Breakfast Floss [$5.99, Urban Outfitters]

7. Bird In Paris Scarf [$9.99, Urban Outfitters]

8. Pleated Neck Tunic [$9.99, Silence & Noise]

9. Leaf Headband [$9.99, Urban Outfitters]

10. Kastro Wayfarers Sunglasses [$9.99, Urban Outfitters]