Victoria Beckham Might Be In SATC Sequel, But Who Will She Play?

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham may or may not be in the upcoming Sex and the City sequel. Ohmygod. Intel on this rumor remains fairly vague, so we can’t tell you much beyond the whisperings that she’ll be playing a fashion industry figure if she does, indeed, make an appearance. But lest we leave you hanging entirely, let’s engage in some wild speculation as to what various roles she might play. Fun, right? [Elle UK]

  • Magazine Editor: This would allow Posh to teeter around in her beloved severe heels and make the kinds of Devil Wears Prada-esque nasty remarks we all love to imagine her making. Can’t you just picture her slapping an editorial assistant for wearing last summer’s gladiator sandals and then making one of the interns burn said shoes?
  • Fashion Designer: She’s got her own actually-quite-good line of cocktail dresses already. We’re pretty sure she’d jump at the chance to continue perpetuating the idea that she’s got legitimate fashion chops.
  • Unusually Short and Older Underwear Model: We’ve all seen the Armani billboards, girl looks damn good in her skivvies.
  • Herself:Because she’s Victoria Beckham. So!