The Inspiration Board: Bloody Vampires!

Angelina Jolie may have started the whole blood-wearing trend with that infamous vial of Billy Bob’s bodily fluids she used to wear back in the day, but thanks to society’s newfound obsession with all things vampire, the trend is now more mainstream, not to mention popular, than ever. People are literally ravenous (ha) for it: Etsy seller VonErickson’s $4 blood choker just got picked up on Buzzfeed. A few hours later, it was sold out, but a $16 version is now available. (How convenient!) And people (like us) have already been buzzing about DuWop’s much-anticipated bloody version of Lip Venom, $16, so the company is offering a sneak preview to US Weekly Readers. Here’s how hot it is: The website currently says, “Due to the extraordinary response to this product we are experiencing shipping delays.” Are you feeling it, too? After the jump, it’s blood chic!

  1. Red Dewdrop Pendant, $80, Alexis Bittar
  2. Lip Venom V, $16, Duwop
  3. Blood Choker, $16, Etsy
  4. Chantal Thomas Osez Moi Perfume, $80, Old Navy
  5. Chain Mail Headband, $18, Top Shop
  6. Liquid Metal Capelet Cardigan, $375, Top Shop