“True Blood” Recap In Eight Memorable Moments

Last’s night episode of “True Blood” was incredible, over-the-top, and possibly the best of the season, even without any Sookie/Bill sexy time. My eight favorite moments, after the jump.

  1. The revelers at Mary Ann’s latest orgy took their partying up a notch by rubbing food all over their bodies.
  2. Tara’s new boyfriend, Eggs, revealed his beautiful, tight, amazing ass.
  3. Sookie said something hilarious for once. “I just love these little bottles,” in reference to travel bottles of alcohol. “They’re like booze for dolls!”
  4. Team Hoytssica!
  5. The definition of evil, according to Jason Stackhouse, is “the premedicated (sic) choice to be a d**k!” Yes, he did say “premedicated.”
  6. Jessica learned to glamor and was a complete hilarious, prank-enjoying bad ass at it.
  7. Eric and Lafayette, the first “True Blood” bromance?
  8. Lafayette got his strength back and demonstrated that he would be an amazing Air Sex Championships contender. Clip above!