The King Of Pop News Drop: Was Michael Murdered? And Gay?

  • La Toya Jackson is certain that her brother was murdered. She told the Daily Mail that Jackson “was surrounded by a bad circle” of people who weren’t on his side. She also mentioned that her own personal autopsy of Jackson’s body revealed four fresh needle marks in his neck. [Daily Mail] — Guess we’ll have to see what the actual autopsy concludes.
  • Ian Helperin, the writer behind an unauthorized Michael Jackson biography which is being rushed to print as we speak, claims that “virtually everybody” knew Jackson was gay. He purports that Jacko had gay lovers and would sneak out of his home disguised as a woman to meet them at seedy motels. [Telegraph]
  • Although MJ’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, and mother, Katherine, have been the only two people discussed in the custody case of Jackson’s children, Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, would like the role of guardian. [Examiner] Family members believe Joe has plans to exploit Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II for a world tour as the “Jackson 3.” [Fox News] — Someone save the children!
  • Several months ago, A&E filmed a one-hour special tentatively titled “The Jackson Family” following Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Randy Jackson, which was set to air next year. Production was finished prior to Jackson’s death. [Billboard] — Wonder if the producers are going to try to update it before airing?