Pink Product Overload: This Is What Women Want?

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Juicy Couture recently unleashed a new “female-friendly” bubblegum pink keyboard cover that goes perfectly with my Malibu Barbie. Now, Memorex is coming out with its own for women, by women electronics line that will incorporate “stylish designs’ and be easy to use. Because according to Kasia van Hall of Memorex, “even if women are up-to-date with technology, they simply don’t have the energy to read long instructions [they probably won’t understand] and play with cables.”

So, how exactly will these new products appeal to women? Well, they’ll be pink, and shaped like purses! What a relief. I was really having trouble figuring out how to use my white, rectangular speakers. Fitting its plug into an outlet is much too confusing for my female brain to handle!

The new line of products is inspired by a survey Memorex conducted, in which a reported 70 percent of women said they feel ignored by the consumer electronics market. I’m pretty sure that’s not because the products aren’t pink; marketers are determined to believe otherwise.

But as we’ve seen before, with offensive ad campaigns such as the one for “Della,” (a website “for the ladies” that is great for “finding recipes,” “counting calories,” “shopping,” and “tech tips”), companies just can’t seem to figure out what women want. While they work on figuring it out, we’ve compiled the top 10 gag-worthy gadgets that are perfect for pink-loving princesses, and no one else.

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