On “Drop Dead Diva,” Blonds Are Dumb And Plus-Size Women Are Smart But Insecure

Television producers might be running out of ideas for new shows, because the people over at Lifetime have taken what is essentially the episode of “The Tyra Banks Show” when Tyra dons a fat suit to experience what it’s like to be a larger woman. “Drop Dead Diva” premiered last night.

The premise of the show is that two very different women, Deb and Jane, both die. When Deb, a beautiful, blond wannabe model, gets to Heaven’s gates, something goes awry and she ends up back on earth in the body of Jane, a plus-size lawyer. So, this new woman has Deb’s mind and Jane’s body, and according to Lifetime’s website, “Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane’s plus-size frame in the ultimate showdown between brains and beauty.”It’s always good to have people of different backgrounds and life situations experience what others go through so they have a better understanding of the world outside themselves. But instead of breaking stereotypes, this show seems like it reinforces them. Why is it a given that a thin, beautiful, blond woman would be stupid and shallow, while a heavier brunette would be completely brainy and slightly insecure?

The redeeming feature of “Drop Dead Diva” would seem to be Margaret Cho in a supporting role as Deb/Jane’s assistant. But, honestly, after last night’s episode, her character isn’t even that funny.