Setting The World Record For The Most Simultaneous Skinny Dippers

Last month, after a bunch of students in Wales broke a world record for the most people dressed as Smurfs at one time, Kate T. challenged all us Friskians to come up with our very own world record to break. While I’ve been racking my brain to come up with ideas (most people to group kiss at once, anyone?), other folks have been breaking records left and right. The Broadway show “Rock of Ages” broke the record for the largest air guitar ensemble on July 1, and who can forget the woman with the world’s strongest vagina? Speaking of vaginas, what about a nakey world record? Doh, the American Association for Nude Recreation has it covered. Or uncovered? This group has been hard at work preparing to beak the Guinness World Record for the most people skinny-dipping at one time. At Shangri La Ranch, a nudist resort in Arizona, 300-500 nudists got together over the weekend to dive into various watering holes in their birthday suits. With temperatures in the scorching 100s, lets hope no one got a nasty sunburn. Hey, at least they won’t have tan lines. [Fox]

Now it’s our turn. My fellow Friskians, we must rise to the challenge a break a world record! What will it be?