Levi Johnston Tears Down Sarah Palin On “Today”

Ann Curry interviewed Levi Johnston on “The Today Show” this morning, giving his take on the current Sarah Palin situation. Why? Because he’s an expert, of course! Among the questions Ann asked Levi were why he thinks Palin resigned as Alaska’s governor and whether he would vote for his baby mama’s mama if she ran for president. Levi mumbled responses like this:

Ann Curry: Do you believe she’s equipped to be president?
Levi Johnston: Um, yes and no. She’s very smart, but I just don’t think, if she can’t handle the stress level as governor, I don’t think she can handle it as president or vice president.

Apparently Levi isn’t afraid to burn bridges with the family of his child, which makes for controversial interviews and good TV. But why is “Today” even doing exclusive interviews with Levi? The kid hasn’t seen Sarah Palin for months, and he only knows things he overheard during the time he spent at the family’s home.

Just how we OD’ed on Jon and Kate Gosselin coverage in the tabloids, we’re getting a little sick of all the “news” about Levi, Sarah, and the rest of the Palin bunch. But we have to give it to Levi and his publicist for doing such an effective job of getting in the public eye and staying there, even after he and Bristol broke up. Last week, after Palin’s resignation, he called a news conference that legit news outlets like AP covered. He posed in GQ with son Tripp and is reportedly shopping a book about the Palin family.

Sure, he’s sort of like an employee who got fired from a job and then reveals all the company secrets, but why are “Today” and other big time outlets still listening to what he has to say? He’s not adding anything new to the dialogue (though we might take back that statement if and when his Palin tell-all gets published), and while he’s nice to look at, the kid mumbles! Let’s stop with all this silly he-said-she-said between him and Sarah Palin. We’ve lost interest in the Brady Bunch of the north.

Sidenote: How do we feel about Levi’s new goatee?