Korto Momolu’s Jewelry Line Has Arrived!

Korto Momolu didn’t win season five of “Project Runway,” but her handmade jewelry definitely stole the show. And now you don’t even have to be a top model to wear her designs, because she’s bringing the jewelry to the masses on her website. “I tried to do a follow-up on the few pieces that I got to show at Fashion Week,” said Korto to Tom & Lorenzo: Fabulous & Opinionated. “They’re very much Asian and African inspired and it’s a fusion between these two ethnic cultural backgrounds that I really love.” Check out a few pieces of Korto’s jewelry after the jump. She uses a lot of African beads, glass beads, and resin materials to keep the bulky earrings and necklaces from being too heavy. Some pieces are one of a kind, but others can be reproduced, she said, and the line ranges in price from $40 to $380. More good news: Korto also plans to add to her jewelry line in the future, and is launching a handbag line in 2010. She’s definitely figured out that new accessories can take any wardrobe from humdrum to amazing. Too bad her fellow competitor and “Project Runway”winner Leanne Marshall didn’t have the same revelation because her clothing line is boring and predictable.

Korto Momolu Jewelry
Shangrila Necklace, $185
Faces of Nahmbia Necklace, $285
Golden Coral Necklace, $70
Chocolate Paradise Necklace, $85
Secret Garden Earrings, $55
OMGosh Necklace, $155
Dohtee Earrings, $55