Hands-On “Sex Academy” In Berlin

People looking to set off fireworks with a new sex technique and those who might have missed out on sex ed when they were younger can get a refresher course at the “Amora Sex Academy,” an interactive exhibition that recently opened in Berlin. The slogan of the exhibit is “Finally — an exhibition for those who always have to touch everything.” There are more than 50 interactive displays in which men and women learn about each others’ bodies. Visitors play with the erogenous zones of naked mannequins positioned in different sexual positions. When one female model’s G-spot is accurately located, she lights up and shrieks, “That’s it!” The exhibit offers pointers on everything from strip tease to oral sex, and even delves into spanking. The Spank-O-Meter measures the amount of pleasure a mannequin experiences when spanked with a leather whip. And for those looking for a more satisfying workout, the museum also shows how to do the Italian Chandelier, a sexual position in which a woman bends backward in a bridge formation while riding the man, which burns 920 calories per hour. [Reuters]