Cash-Strapped Olympian Opens A Brothel

Logan Campbell, a cash-strapped Olympic hopeful, recently opened a gentlemen’s club in New Zealand so he could raise money and continue the intensive training that he needs to make it to the 2012 London Games. Campbell reportedly needs to raise about $190,000 over the next two years to prepare to compete at the Olympic level in taekwondo. The 23-year-old isn’t some random guy using lack of money as an excuse to open a brothel. He actually competed in last summer’s Beijing Games but, sadly, lost his first match. Now, the governing body of his sport, Taekwondo New Zeland, says his new business venture could affect whether he’ll be selected to compete, even though he isn’t violating any New Zealand laws.

Really, these Taekwondo New Zealand people need to loosen up. Don’t they realize that selling sex has gone mainstream? Even former white-collar workers have started selling themselves thanks to the recession!

One thing about Campbell’s plan puzzles us, though. Why isn’t he selling his own services? He’s an attractive man who must have a great bod. Why bother being a pimp when you can bring in a pretty penny yourself? [CNN]