Act Like A Man, Make More Money

I once worked in a office where I sat near the uppermost boss. She would often spout ideas and ask if I agreed with her. Even if I thought what she was saying was absolutely dense, I’d always say “yes.” She was somewhat terrifying and I thought she’d humiliate me in front of the entire office if I disagreed. Looking back, I realize that she probably would have liked me more had I said my piece. At least she would have appreciated making fun of me?

A new study from scientists at Essex University confirms that, for women, being nice in the office doesn’t necessarily have the best returns.Rather it’s working hard that gets women ahead. While most women believe that appeasing co-workers will make them likable, it’s actually hurting their bank accounts. The women who are willing to put down a fist to settle conflicts and combat negotiations––essentially taking on the role of ‘alpha male’––are the ones who make the most. Over a lifetime, the hard-hitting woman will earn approximately $65,000 more than a submissive feminine worker. That’s about 4% more a year!

So basically, if you’re living the life I once lived, it’s time to start acting more dominantly like a man, but definitely not looking like one. [Daily Mail]