What It’s Like To Be Single Around The World

After thinking a lot about that crazy singles map of the US and how all the ladies on the East Coast are screwed, I got back to my navel gazing about what it means to be single. (I have plenty time alone to think about these things.) I moved on from my bubble of self-absorption (played out) and started wondering what it must be like to be single in other countries—not that I’m thinking of fleeing or anything. Is it better in France where fidelity is not a cultural moray? Is it worse in India with the caste system and arranged marriages? And what are those cold singles in Iceland doing to stay warm? Well wonder no more, because Liz Tuccillo (Mrs. “She’s Not That Into You” and former “Sex and the City” writer) is travlling the globe to demystify singlehood in an awesome web series called, “How to be Single.” Um…amazing! After the jump, a few of my fave revelations from single sisters around the world. [Your Tango]

  • In India, lasting love is predicted through horoscopes. Holla, Kiki T.! Before any good Indian date, there is a background check with the cosmos. I’m picturing myself asking every guy I date to get a natal chart reading before our first date. Not thinking that would go over too well. [Your Tango]
  • Single ladies in Brazil are obsessed with worshipping their own bodies. Love it! But then how do you explain the torture of a Brazilian bikini wax? [Your Tango]
  • French women just don’t give a f**k when it comes to dating. To find love they say, “Just be yourself!” Crazy concept, huh? If a guy is a d-bag, they shrug and move on, no self-help books for them. Oui! Just another reason to move to Paris. [Your Tango]
  • The Icelandic ladies are just not that into marriage. Why? They’re less into god (they think marriage is an extension of organized religion) and more into “nature spirits.” Think elves and stuff. A woman in Iceland would rather commit to her man than marry him. I wonder what the elves think of that? [Your Tango]