Quiz: Did Marcia And Jan Have A Lesbian Affair?! And Other Juicy Brady Rumors.

“Here’s the story of a lovely lady…who joked about having a lesbian affair with her TV sister.” Fine, that just doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it is true. Maureen McCormick revealed in her blog this week that the affair she claimed to have had with on-screen sister Jan was a joke she made years ago for kicks and shock value. Coincidentally, Maureen made the joke right before her autobiography Here’s The Story hit shelves—just in time for Brady fanatics to rush out and buy it, hoping to read about the sisters’ sapphic love. While the book actually is chock full of sex and drugs, sadly none of Marcia’s naughty escapades involved Eve Plumb, aka Jan. Well, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. After the jump, it’s time to separate the Brady fact from the Brady fiction. [NY Post]

Looking deeper into the Brady history beyond the Bunch, turns out America’s pristine squeaky-clean family embroiled themselves in enough scandals to flatten Alice’s highly-hair sprayed coif including a roaring incest fest. Holy cow!

I’m slapping the Marsha-Jan Bang as pure FICTION. But are you schooled enough in all things Brady to uncover the truth behind the Bunch’s craziest shenanigans? Test yourself after the jump in The Brady Bunch Bonanza– FACT or FICTION?Let’s start with a game. Check out all the rumors below, and decide whether you think the juicy tidbit is true or false. Then scroll down to the corresponding number to see what the real deal is.

  1. While no lesbian love took place on the Brady set, all three sisters—Marcia, Jan and Cindy—stripped off their goody-two-shoes for a brief stint in XXX films.
  2. Greg Brady had a massive case of the Oedipus Complex during the show. His feelings for his on-screen mama resulted in a real-life date between Barry Williams and Florence Henderson.
  3. No stranger to brotherly love, the Brady bros Christopher Knight (Peter) and Barry Williams (Greg) followed the Brady series with a stint as a gay couple.
  4. The Brady parents bore a secret redheaded daughter “Phoebe.”
  5. In true 70s style, Greg and Marcia were really into peace, love…and drugs.
  6. Barry Williams used his Greg Brady fame and singing career to launch his own rap career as “B-dubs.”
  7. Florence Henderson still lights up the silver screen with her own show on a retirement TV network.
  8. Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick shared a close relationship as on-screen siblings, but got up close and personal behind the scenes.
  9. He may have played straight-laced Papa Brady, but Robert Reed was really into men off-screen.

And now, for the lowdown…

  1. FALSE. This rumor—very popular among Brady enthusiasts—surfaced from fans’ belief that after years of acting angelic, the girls needed to unleash their wild side just like every other child star from the ’70s. [David Brady]
  2. TRUE. The Gregster did indeed turn on the heat to charm his considerably senior “mother.” I bet he wore his best polyester shirt. [NNDB]
  3. TRUE. SORT OF. Chris and Barry met up years after the BB series guest starring on “That 70s Show” as homosexual lovers. I wonder what Mama Brady would say about that! [TV Guide]
  4. FALSE. As funny as a “lost” Brady baby would have been, “Phoebe” was actually the advertising child of Nick At Nite. In an effort to hype up the screening of original “Brady Bunch” episodes the network created phony commercials featuring a “lost Brady.” They even digitally inserted the image of a red-haired girl into old clips. Good choice, cause a fourth daughter would have definitely thrown off the Brady dynamic. [David Brady]
  5. TRUE. In his book, Growing Up Brady, Barry Williams reveals his affinity for pot and how he was occasionally high during filming. In her book, Here’s The Story, Maureen McCormick divulged her longtime addiction to cocaine and how she frequently “gave some” to get some. [Washed Up Celebrities/NY Daily News]
  6. FALSE. With a history as a ’70s boy toy, Greg Brady has zero street cred, but that didn’t stop him from releasing “The Real Greg Brady,” a rap spoof on Eminem’s hit song. Fortunately, his rap career started and ended with the same song. [Washed Up Celebrities]
  7. TRUE. Catch Mrs. Brady still going strong with “The Florence Henderson Show” on Retirement Living TV. Florence interviews the likes of George Costanza and even host of “The Newlywed Game,” Bob Eubanks. Gotta give the oldies what they want! [RLTV]
  8. TRUE. Yes, Greg and Marcia had a quasi-incestual “experience.” After filming, of course. Still gross. [Washed Up Celebrities]
  9. TRUE. Robert Reed hid his homosexuality for years—especially from his wife and daughter. [NNDB]

Did you get them all right?