How Do You Like To Waste Your Time?

Next time you find yourself standing in front of your closet agonizing over what to wear, consider this: Your towel-clad wardrobe rifling may cost you nearly a year of your life. That’s right, the average woman spends 287 days looking through her wardrobe and considering which outfit to wear. [Telegraph]

Hearing that we’ll have semi-wasted nearly a year on wardrobe selection by the time we’re too old to care came as a bit of a shock. (Kind of like the day we realized that eating half a bag of cookie crumbs is basically the same thing as eating half a bag of cookies.) Though we all recognize that the half hour each morning, wardrobe obsessing before a date and endless thought about what to wear to a meeting with the boss has got to add up, we never really considered that it could amount to so damn much. The whole thing kind of got us thinking about all the other ways we habitually waste minutes and even years of our lives. Check out our top time sucks after the jump…

  • Shaving- Two legs, three to five minutes per leg, as many as seven times per week! Even if you only shave a couple of times a week and quickly, that’s still twelve minutes a week, 48 minutes a month and 9.6 hours per year. And those of you who suffer from the all-too-common gorilla leg syndrome and require daily shaving are spending as much as 33.6 hours shaving every year.
  • Picking Out Meals- Know how sometimes you’re out to dinner and can’t help but start planning what you’ll be having for dinner the next day? (Or, if you’re like, um, some of us, planning what you’ll be having for Second Dinner that night…) Yeah, that’s a time suck.
  • Watching TV- Obvious though this one may be, we remain stunned by the amount of time most people spend watching TV. According to the fancy schmancy 2008 American Time Use Survey, most women spend about 2.6 hours a day watching TV. That’s about 40 days every year.
  • Getting Highlights- Getting your hair highlighted will cost you one and a half to two hours every month if you do it regularly, meaning you spend as much as a full day every year looking like an aluminum monster. Scary.
  • Obsessing About Whether Or Not That Guy’s Going To Call You- Don’t lie, you know you do it. All the time.