Trailer Park: “Bruno,” “I Love You Beth Cooper,” And “Humpday”

Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen another human being in five days, but I’m really enthusiastically excited about the movies coming out this week. They all share a certain theme, which happens to be my favorite: awkwardness! First, “Brüno” gets audiences all blushy by showing his waxed man body (and balls, apparently?). Then a nerd goes for the cheerleader (shocker) in “I Love You, Beth Cooper.” And finally, two men take bromance to the next level in “Humpday.” Bye! I’ll be at the movies with my new friends, butter and slushy.

The Movie: “Brüno”
The Trailer: Wait, did you guys know “Brüno” was coming out today? Sacha Baron Cohen made audiences uncomfortable with his Kazakhstanian character Borat and now he’s back with another “Da Ali G Show” favorite, Austrian fashion reporter Brüno. Not one for censoring himself, Cohen manages to infiltrate the most provocative public spaces as Brüno and then proceed to shock and offend unsuspecting strangers. This time Brüno goes on “The Jerry Springer Show,” adopts an African baby, and participates in a swinger’s club. [EW]
The Hitch: So excited. Though the gay community was worried about the movie amping up stereotypes and hurting their cause, it sounds like audiences are thoroughly enjoying themselves and keeping an open mind. I’m obsessed with him and wifey Isla Fisher. Their house must just be a never ending laugh reel!

The Movie: “I Love You, Beth Cooper”
The Trailer: A lame-o valedictorian spills his love for the popular cheerleader (why does Hayden Panettiere always play cheerleaders?) during his graduation speech…and then proceeds to detail exactly what he thinks of all his awful classmates. But instead of (just) social suicide, the nerd spends the rest of his night having crazy adventures with the girl of his dreams. The movie is based on the best-selling book by Larry Doyle (“The Simpsons”) and though it falls into a certain teenage comi-drama genre, the fact that Doyle is involved gives me hope. [EW]
The Hitch: I had low expectations until I read that it was directed by Chris Columbus, who will always be beloved to me for “Adventures in Babysitting.” Plus, the wing man Jack T. Carpenter is pretty hot and I’m curious as to how they’ll transition lead Paul Rust from unknown to beloved by cheerleaders?

The Movie: “Humpday”
The Trailer: Old college buddies Ben and Andrew reunite after ten years. Ben has settled into adulthood with a wife and home while Andrew’s been a bad-ass globe-trotting artist. During an intense night of partying, the two men have accidentally dared each other to compete in an amateur porn contest…together. That’s right, two straight guys are going to have sex together on camera, but it’s not gay. [EW]
The Hitch: I spent 30 minutes trying to find a showing of this because it looks a-maz-ing. A bromance to the extreme. Ben is played by Mark Duplass of, as Entertainment Weekly describes, “mumblecore school of shambling, talk-driven relationship dramas like ‘The Puffy Chair'” while Andrew is played by Joshua Leonard from “The Blair Witch Project.” For some reason these guys look like my dream dudes…I wonder what that means about my future? Plus, the addition of the confused wife is brilliant.