Reactions From Viewers At The Opening Night Of “Bruno”

Sacha Baron Cohen has never been known as one to tread lightly on delicate issues such as race, religion or sexuality, and the newly released “Bruno” proves no exception. Playing Bruno, a dopey gay Austrian fashion commentator and overall clown, Cohen faces (or more accurately flings himself and awkwardly tackles) controversy on all fronts. Knowing that reactions to the highly anticipated film would be strong, we at The Frisky decided to stay up late and attend the opening night midnight showing and get firsthand reactions from audience members. Staying up was easy, but recovering from our shock and regaining the ability to speak after the barrage of awkward and uncomfortable comedy was another matter entirely. What people thought of the movie, after the jump. What did you think of the movie?

“Man, that was some crazy s**t! I liked Borat better, but this was funny and even raunchier. I could have done with less dong shots, and I didn’t need to see Bruno’s balls so many times, but I laughed my ass off. It didn’t all make sense, like things weren’t in order, but that didn’t seem to be the aim. He was great with the interviews, especially when he got Paula Abdul to sit on a Mexican worker’s back as a substitute for a chair while she talked about human rights or some s**t like that. Awesome insanity! – Mike, 22

Which stunts from the movie would you have pulled in order to be famous and where would you draw the line?

“I don’t think I would have the guts to pull off any of those scenes. I wouldn’t get naked for all to see and I am not going to adopt an African baby. Military camp looked like fun, and so did the camping and the hunting, but there is no way I would climb in naked into another guys tent. I also wouldn’t makeout with a guy in an arena filled with people who hate homosexuals. Maybe I would think about doing one of the tamer interviews, but I am not going anywhere that bicycle dildo thing!” – Ean, 21

Did you find the move too controversial? Did you think any lines were crossed too far?

“Sure it was controversial, but that’s the whole point. I think the movie passes since everyone gets their fair share of being teased and everyone knows the ‘Bruno’ and ‘Borat’ genre. I know gay rights activists were worried that ‘Bruno’ would negatively reflect on the gay community, but come on, this is a movie. Anyone who doesn’t get that ‘Bruno’ as a character is a joke needs help. Yeah, the gay issue was pushed farther than any other, and all that ‘up the butt’ stuff was a bit much, but I don’t think people will assume this is how all gay men are, or anyone in fact. Straight people are kinky too! That swingers scene…and the naked woman with the whip. Yeah, no one gets off easy so it’s not so bad. – Katie, 23

If you could have an outrageous alter ego, who would you be?

“I would be a world class Scandinavian ice skater. I love the euro-trash culture that produced Aqua and could do so much with those cute costumes. All the scheming and intrigue with the judges and all the hot guys in spandex, I am in!” – Becky, 23

What did you think of Sacha Baron Cohen’s facial hair, or lack thereof? Apparently he had to wax himself within an inch of his life.

“It was strange to see a hairless ‘Bruno’ since I am used to the very hairy ‘Borat.’ The hairless look was too effeminate for most people to look like everyday, but it worked for the movie and was way less gross than Borat. Bruno is too girly for my tastes, but I would much rather sleep with him than Borat, when it comes to body hair anyway. That must have hurt, he had no hair! That anal bleaching scene gives you a clue as to what he probably went through. – Caitlyn, 25

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