An 83-Year-Old Couple Parties Way More Than You Do!

I go out once a week, maybe, and my mother still sends Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets and shows concern for the fact that I’ll never meet my future husband unless I stop being such a party girl. Meanwhile, over in Rotherham, UK, a pair of 83-year-olds named Jack and Jean Atkinson are raving three nights a week until 3am. The couple has been married for 64 years—they met in 1945 and got married 15 days later. They have three kids and four grandkiddies, but nothing can keep them from living their lives to the fullest. Which, to them, includes clubbing. As Jack says, “Where is it written that when you reach a certain age you can’t do this or shouldn’t do that—it’s rubbish it is all in the mind…We’re old in age but young at heart.” The adorable couple was granted a free lifetime (must resist jokes about expiration date) membership to their favorite club, Liquid and Envy. Also, Jean loves crafting her own ravertastic fashions. They have driven an hour a night an estimated 700 times in order to get into trouble and back. Jack says, “We don’t want to be sitting at home staring at four walls…Age is just a number and it should not stop you doing things as the years pass by. We enjoy dancing , the music, the people and the atmosphere the clubbers create.”

But while they are three-times older than most of the clubbers, that doesn’t stop them from meeting people. “We get 100 percent respect from all the younger clubbers. We must have hundreds of adopted grandchildren from our clubbing. They all say ‘I wish you were my parents or grandparents.’ We can speak to them about boyfriends, money, sex and babies. It’s surprising the number of people who come up to Jean and ask her advice. The young people are fantastic and keep us young. At home all our neighbors are our age, but they are going to bed just as we’re going out. As long as we have the energy we will continue clubbing.” [DailyMail]

Reading about old people partying just makes me really tired. I can’t motivate myself to leave the house to do much of anything, let alone go dance around with sweaty people in fluorescent tube tops. Kudos for doing what they want to do, despite what society tells them old people should do. When I’m old, I’m going to dye my hair cotton candy blue and sit on a curb yelling at hooligans, but hey, to each his own!