In Bed With … Adrian Grenier

July 10, 1976, New Mexico
Sun Sign: Cancer
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Capricorn
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Cancer
Mars: Virgo

Love Style:

Love is a strange thing for Adrian. Unlike his ladies man character on “Entourage,” the real Adrian may be just as much of a cad, but way less smooth. Chances are he runs his relationship much like the jerky motions of a new driver behind a stick shift, as his emotions often run hot and cold at random times, leaving his conquests confused and often times maimed. As it goes, what he feels and what he expresses can frequently be two polar opposites and while he craves security and love, he also fears losing his own sense of identity. He tends to over think situations, almost making him his own worst enemy. However, once he outgrows his anxieties and settling down becomes a doable concept, which will tend to be when he is way older gent, he will tend to be a teddy bear that can be a bit too overly possessive, yet nurturing.

Sex Style:

Adrian’s style is rough and rambunctious or tender and romantic. Between these two extremes he will swing and which side you wind up, you never know. However, the one thing that he will be consist on is affection, as he is the type to spoon long and tight, be into making out and be the overall cute little sweetie in all those tiny attentive ways. Of course, when the doors close, Dr. Jekyll can appear, throwing down his conquest as if they are sport and rough riding them as if he were escaping from the devil. The thing is, if you want to get rough back, this boy will be all game. He likes to test his darker sides with sex and he’s got a daredevil mentality. The more inquisitive the suggestion and left of center the thrills, he’ll be game — of course, after, everything, expect a long cuddling finale.

His Type:

Adrian needs a mother type, the kind of lady that like to baby and discipline her man — as a woman that can rule with an iron fist, but have a sense of tenderness to her leadership will catch his eye. As it goes, he’s not good about controlling his own emotions, but a lady love that can do it for him is the he can look up to and rely on, which at the end of the day is what he is after, because as sensitive and sweet as he can be, he knows how to manipulate well and anyone that can be several steps ahead of him will ultimately win his respect. Brains matter to him, and although he tends to deny himself of going that route, the truth is when he meets the one that can outfox him, that is when he will fall in love.

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