Fountain Of Youth Found: 10 Reasons NOT To Live Longer

Scientists are developing a “fountain of youth” pill from a chemical found in the soil on Easter Island. In testing, animals have lived 38 percent longer than expected as a result of the chemical. The development of an anti-aging pill sounds like a great idea — Juan Ponce de Leon dedicated a great deal of his life looking for the fountain of youth — but this pill will also have major repercussions for society. We wonder whether this pill will improve the life of those living or just delay death. If the body continues to fail, but life continues, people on this medication could experience a whole host of problems as a result of living well-beyond 100. After the jump, why we actually wouldn’t want to live for years beyond the usual time frame.

  1. Social Security Insurance will have disappeared
  2. The retirement age will be pushed up to 80
  3. We’ll be even more in debt
  4. We’ll have to stay married much longer, creating even more pressure to find the perfect mate
  5. We’ll have to witness all the horrible events the History Channel chronicles on “Life After People”
  6. Children will expect to live at home longer
  7. We might have to wear diapers
  8. We could lose our eyesight and hearing, and develop dementia
  9. Heidi Pratt could be just as old and still be on TV
  10. We would have to attend our 100-year high school reunion