Did The “Bachelorette” Producers Edit Wes Hayden To Look Like The Bad Guy?

I was so excited on Monday when Wes Hayden finally got the boot on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” after Jillian Harris finally realized he was “there for the wrong reasons” (drink, bitches!). And after Wes got the boot, he seemingly admitted that he did have a girlfriend, as had been suspected and hinted at all season. Well now that he’s off the show, Cowboy Wes is singing a different tune…

In an impossibly long (85 minutes!) podcast interview with Reality Steve — I only made it through, like, 75% of it — Wes covers a lot of ground. Much of what he discusses in the first half of the interview is related to Pilot Jake. To be honest, Wes seems pretty sincere, and given that I found Jake to be suspiciously fake himself, I might even believe him. Crazy, I know. One thing is for sure — I am VERY excited to see these two duke it out on “The Men Tell All.” Feel free to listen to the whole interview here, but after the jump, the 12 most interesting tidbits…
1. Wes’ sister signed him up for the show and he didn’t know what Jillian even looked like until a few days before taping started.

2. He did not decide to go on the show to promote his music career. If that was his motive, he would have gone on “Nashville Star” or “American Idol” (too old dude!).

3. When taping began, he and Laurel had been broken up for eight months.

4. The producers coerced him into playing his guitar all the time, including the time he wrote Jillian a song — which, by the way, is way more special a gift than a necklace.

5. According to Wes, Jake said the Lord had told him that he would be on the show for seven episodes. When he was kicked off on the sixth episode, he decided he needed to go back on, to fulfill the Lord’s plan for him. “That he had been on bended knee for days,” says Wes, “And that God told him to go back and tell Jillian that I was going to break her heart.” As a result, Wes thinks that Jake is “a few pancakes short of a stack.”

6. Wes says that Jake told him he was on the show because he wanted America to fall in love with him so he could be the next “Bachelor.” Wes says that Jake and the producers are keeping Jake in the spotlight because they want him to be the next Bachelor and that Jake’s tears on the show were bad acting.

7. Wes says in the two months he was filming the show, he spent a grand total of about four hours of alone time with Jillian because he never got one of the longer one-on-one dates.

8. Wes says his body language was off during his final date with Jillian in Spain because he hadn’t seen her in two to three weeks, the hometown date before that “went over like a turd in a punch bowl,” and the producers had treated his family like crap, so he was uncomfortable because he didn’t know if Jillian wanted him to be there or the producers did.

9. Wes says that his final dinner date was not nearly as miserable seeming as what aired. He says he expressed his concerns to Jillian about whether or not she still wanted him to be there and that she had kissed him to reassure him, which the aired episode did not show. If the dinner had gone badly, he would not have asked to go to the fantasy suite with her.

10. He said he purposefully stumbled over the words “my girlfriend, I mean my ex-girlfriend,” but that the producers edited it to make it seem like he had basically just admitted to having a girlfriend off the show.

11. He says he stopped watching the show early on because the way he was being portrayed made him sick.

12. And finally, Wes says the producers did a hatchet job on a lot of his quotes and edited them together to make him seem like the bad guy. For example:

  • “I can feel it, I can taste it” was in reference to writing a song, not the fame he was going to get after the show.
  • “I have her wrapped around my finger” was said as a joke while he was bantering with a producer.
  • And the big one: “I’m the only guy in Bachelor history to make it to the final four with a girlfriend.” Wes said the producers cut him off and that he continued, “C’mon man, if I had a girlfriend, I would be there with her now, I wouldn’t be putting up with this. I wouldn’t be putting up with a … producer telling me when I can go to bed, when i could get up, when I could eat…. I wouldn’t have done that, I would have been home with my girlfriend.”

So what do you think? Are you buying it? And if so, who wants to see Cowboy Wes be the next “Bachelor”?