Damn! Calorie Restriction Makes Monkeys Live Longer

According to a new study done on (cute!) rhesus monkeys, calorie restriction—i.e. eating way far fewer calories than is currently recommended—has been shown to slow the aging process. The monkeys whose caloric intake was reduced by about one-third lived longer than those on a regular diet. Calorie restriction also slowed the loss of gray matter in the brain, which is the part of your noggin that responds to stimuli…Ugh, this is rough, and certainly not what I wanted to hear after I indulged in a giant, greasy hamburger last night. Cutting calories that much is just crazy, and even the dude who lead the study said he couldn’t keep it up for long. But companies are currently working to develop a drug that will give us the life-extending benefits of this diet without forcing us to practically starve ourselves. As for me, I think I’ll shave a little off my life and indulge in this hot fudge sundae now. What about you? [Wall Street Journal]