Celebs Get Emo (And Uncomfortably Intimate) On Twitter

The website that allows you to tell dozens, hundreds – or if you are Ashton Kutcher – a million-plus friends what you are doing, how you’re doing and who you’re doing it with continues to catch on like swine flu. But the ease with which you can share and respond to friends is infecting Twitterers with a condition I like to call T.M.T: “Too Much Tweeting” named after T.M.I “Too Much Information.” No one suffers from this worse than naturally narcissistic celebs. Stars keep turning to the site to inform us of everything from their bowel movements to their “dark places.” After the jump, celebrities OVERSHARING. [Spelling/grammatical errors not our own!– Editor]

  • Miley Cyrus on your self esteem: @mileycyrus- Nothing hurts me more than thinking that some girl out there doesnt believe shes beautiful. Its just another one of Satans lies. I love you.
  • Bad boy rocker Fred Durst’s soft side: @freddurst- I am sending my love to you Esther. Paris is so far away from you. Tell my family hello for us. @freddurst- Sweet dreams Esther. I love you.
  • Porn star Bree Olson spills her guts: @BreeOlson9- The only people that like me are people that want to fuck me. I want girlfriends but no girls want to be friends with a pornstar… :( @BreeOlson9- My money has bought me a lot of things but it can’t buy friends…. That’s what I want more than anything…. [Ed Note: Super sad!]
  • Mariah Carey on her MJ performance: @mariahcarey Trying to sing today was basically impossible for me. I could barely keep myself from crying. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to pull it together and really do it right, but I was literally choked up when I saw him there in front of me
  • Travis Barker allegedly talking about his baby-momma Shanna Moakler: @trvsbrkr Kids are not to be used as weapons. Deadbeat moms that sleep all day,seeking money, attention like 2 do so. Just hurts the kids in the end. @trvsbrkr Giving birth 2 a child doesn’t make u a good mom. Taking care of them, loving them,waking up with them, spending time with them does.
  • An uber-excited Heidi Montag tries to lure Kim Kardashian to her new label: @heidimontag- to @KimKardashian- Speidi just closed a Warner Music Group deal to have our own Record Label and we want to sign you as our first pop artist! @heidimontag- were very serious! steve morales who has sold 40million records he produced wants to do your first single! @heidimontag- cathy dennis will write your song….she has written Toxic for britney and I kissed a girl for katy
  • Bow Wow seems a little depressed: @bowwow614 – Man I be gettn bored wit life. I wish I neva did and seen err thang so soon. I have nuffn to look forward 2. I’m down more than I am happy. In a dark place! Goodbye.