Seven Compliments That Won’t Get You Laid

If you’ve thumbed through an issue of Maxim magazine or Men’s Health anytime in the last twenty-five years, you’ve probably read a few pointers on how to properly compliment a woman. Personally, I think these lists can be a little too vague, and quite honestly, a little lame. For example, one list I read recently said, “When you meet someone interesting, commend her on her wit or intelligence—not her beautiful breasts.” That someone actually felt compelled to remind men not to compliment breasts at first sight shocked me. Don’t all guys know not to do this?But then I remembered some of the “compliments” I’ve received over the years. I started to think that maybe what shouldn’t be said isn’t as obvious for some as it is for others. So I put together this list of “compliments,” all of which are real and were said to either me or one of my girlfriends. No urban legends, no made-up magazine quotes—these are (sadly) the real deal. Read ‘em and weep … and hopefully, learn a little from the not-so-savvy sector of bad complimenters out there. Read on