Are You Down With Cosabella’s New Girdle-Thong?

Cosabella, maker of lacy thongs and responsible party for that rampant butt-cleavage trend that helps show them off, has come out with a new type of butt-floss that is decidedly less sexy: The “smooth thong” features a tummy-tucking girdle that comes up to your bellybutton. The first “novelty shapewear thong,” the garment aims to eliminate panty lines and stomach bulges while wearing body-skimming clothes. Apparently, Cosabella is marketing the product to college women as a solution to the Freshman 15. Yeah, we know.Despite the tacky marketing move, we’re undecided as to whether the shapewear thong is genius or a bad idea, considering the possible outcomes of wearing one—you’d either finally feel confident in your tight dresses, or look so sexy that you wind up in an embarrassing Bridget Jones situation involving massive granny panties. What do you think? [,]