Man Arrested (Twice!) For Having Sex With His Cow And Other Bizarre Crimes Committed This Week

There is an old adage along the lines of “real life is stranger than fiction.” Apparently a man from my sleepy town in Connecticut was arrested for having sex with his cow…again. Oh yes, the local dude was arrested once before a few years ago for doing the nasty with his cow. I am not sure what was the most disturbing element of this story: the fact that he was caught having sex with his cow, that he was caught again, or that he was single at the time of the first arrest and he was (and, to my knowledge, still is) engaged at the time of his second arrest. Inspired by this bizarre story I went to searching for other random crimes committed in the past few days. Read about the weirdest and wackiest ways the law has been broken, after the jump.

  • Woman Arrested Twice In 5 Hours For Drunk Driving: Oh yes, getting arrested driving drunk once just wasn’t enough. A 20-year-old woman in Maryland was arrested at 2:15am and released with DUI charges, only to be seen by the police driving a mere four hours later. I can’t decide what is worse, this woman’s luck or her judgment. [AP]
  • Two People Are Arrested For Stealing A Skunk From A Pet Store: On Wednesday, two people stole a baby skunk valued at $400 dollars from The Animal Crackers Pet Store in Sarasota, Fla. Officials arrested a 21-year-old man when he attempted to return the skunk to the store the next day and later found the 20-year-old woman who helped him steal it in the first place. The man was charged with grand theft and the woman with accessory to grand theft. The only thing dumber than stealing a skunk is stealing a skunk and then trying to return it. [AP]
  • Rose Thief Remains At Large: Someone has been smelling the roses too literally in Portland Maine. On Monday gardeners at the Deering Oaks Parks noticed that some one had cut 100 roses from the rose bushes. A similar incident occurred last year but apparently on a much smaller scale. The police better catch him, who knows what will happen next year? But seriously, stealing is not nice. Damaging public property is very naughty. Committing the same odd crime once a year…disturbing and somehow makes me think of cults and rituals. [AP and The Portland Daily Sun]
  • Man Is Arrested For Showing Up For A Dental Appointment Nude And Five Days Late: Police claim that 41-year-old Christopher Hoff from Stratford, CT showed up for his dentist’s appointment stark naked and five days late. Upon entering Optimus Dental’s office on Monday, the receptionist screamed and Hoff ran away. Officers went to Hoff’s home where Hoff claimed he had been sleeping the whole day. The police took Hoff (hopefully dressed by this point) to the office and the receptionist positively identified him. Hoff is now charged with disorderly conduct and public indecency. This just goes to prove that manners are terribly important. If he had only been naked or only five days late perhaps he could have avoided all the hoopla. [AP]