It’s My Wedding Day And I’ll Sue If I Want To

Wedding planning ’tis always a bit of a hassle. Despite hours upon hours of meticulous planning something is bound to go wrong. Grandma gets drunk, the ring boy swallows the wedding band, the maid of honor locks herself in the bathroom crying about how she looks like a fat cow and won’t come out. There are so many tiny details which will inevitably get screwed up, but the hair and makeup is usually a pretty straightforward process. Not so for bride Shivani on her wedding day. It was almost lights, camera, action time when Shivani and her sister skedaddled over to the Cleopatra Day Spa Beauty and Slimming beauty parlor for their pre-arranged 3:30 appointment. That’s when disaster struck.

They knocked on the door, ready to get all pretty and polished, only to receive no response. Sadly, this was no case of the employees deciding to play a spontaneous game of hide and seek: The beauty parlor was in fact closed! Zut alors! As the clock ticked, Shivani called the manager, but when no one picked up, she continued to frantically call other numbers on the booking receipt. After waiting for an hour they gave up and made a mad dash towards the Head Master Saloon. All was well for the big day. Whew, that was close!

The story does not end there, oh no no no. Rather than stew in a pot of passive aggressive anger, Shivani took action and approached the district consumer disputes redressal forum. After hearing her tale of wedding woe, they ordered the beauty parlor to pay the sisters 10,000 Rs in compensation. In addition, Shivani is to be paid 8,430 Rs for the amount she spent at the Head Master Saloon and 1,100 Rs to cover the sisters’ legal fees.

The beauty parlor claims it was open, though so far it has been unable to prove so. What words of wisdom do we at The Frisky have for the owners of Cleopatra? Be glad you’re only getting fined. Haven’t you seen “Bridezilla”? Brides go crazy! You might have suffered from loss of limb or your parlor might be “mysteriously” burned down. (Never cross a bride on her wedding day, anyone in the wedding biz should know that.) Seriously though, think she overreacted or was their compensation just? [Indian Express]